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When to Make a Sideways Career Move
When it comes to your career path, sometimes "up" isn't the only direction in which to travel. A sideways or "lateral" move - defined as a move either within your current company or to a new organization with similar title, pay, and responsibility - can often pay off in the future. Here are 14 reasons to make a lateral move.
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Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview
When you're sitting in the hotseat of an interview, it's natural to think about the immediate here and now: How do I answer all these questions, land this job, and negotiate the highest salary? has plenty of resources to help you out. But at some point, the interviewer is going to ask, "So, do you have any questions?"
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The 10 Best Job Hunting Apps
Today’s tsunami of technology means savvy job seekers have jumped on the app wagon in an effort to give themselves the leading edge in the job search process. Mobile apps allow job seekers to search discreetly for positions -- anytime, anywhere -- and respond to postings quickly. There are apps that help with career planning, organize the job search process, alert job seekers to compatible positions, and can even upload and send resumes to recruiters.
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8 Jobs You'll Love That Pay $50,000 a Year
This article explores eight jobs you might find meaningful that start at $50,000 per year or more. These jobs require different levels of education and experience. However, education requirements are reasonable and no job on the list requires more than 2 to 4 years of experience. It won’t happen overnight, but with thoughtful planning the jobs on this list prove it is possible to strike a balance between doing what you love and loving your paycheck.
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Companies with Incredible Employee Perks
In an economy where employees are often overworked and many businesses are pulling the plug on raises and extra benefits, some companies are shining stars when it comes to offering their employees cool perks.
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Answers to 8 Classic Interview Questions
If you're in the job hunt, your first goal is to land an interview. But what you say in the hot seat can impact whether you land the job -- or even a second interview. This article explores the right and wrong ways to answer eight common interview questions.
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